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N-Form® Value Proposition

N-Form® manufacturing technology combines an advanced biocompatible composite with unprecedented production quality and speed, to deliver the first mass-customized 3D neural probe for volumetric recording and stimulation (Supported by NIH / NINDS grant R43NS081837). 

The N-Form® can be customized to a 3D configuration that reaches a large volume of neurons across layers and columns - with no additional cost or delivery time

We believe in neuroscientists, not a technology, defining the location of electrode sites. That's why we built manufacturing around quickly customized 3D orders. The N-Form® is an advanced version of the proven microwire and polymer composites that have been utilized in neuroscience for decades. Our manufacturing platform delivers these advanced microelectrodes using state of the art micromachined tooling and the highest grade microwire and biocompatible polymer. The table on the left outlines the features, specifications, and potential applications of the N-Form®.




in vivo data


N-Form® In Vivo Data

N-Form® 3D microelectrode arrays recorded during ~10 months in 3 cats at a customer's lab. The 3D demonstration of reliability, performance, and duration recorded in these long-term chronic experiments has not been equaled in the literature.





Insertion Holder

The insertion holder is designed for implanting N-Form® 3D microelectrodes into brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve tissue. The insertion holder is mounted in a micromanipulator and mechanically engages with an N-Form, providing precise insertions at a range of approach angles.

Steps of insertion

1. The insertion holder is mounted in a micromanipulator, and the N-Form is positioned over the target anatomy.

2. A pair of tweezers is used to grasp the flag to hook the loop on the proximal face of the N-Form (See diagram).

3. The insertion holder is used to pull the N-Form into a locked position.

4. The N-Form is advanced into the target anatomy until its baseplate touches the tissue (See diagram).

5. The insertion holder is removed by releasing tension in the hook, gently disengaging the hook with tweezers, and retracting the micromanipulator mount to a safe distance.

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Configure an N-Form®

Download and complete the custom configuration form at the link below*:

Click here to download the N-Form customization form

E-mail your completed form to our global distributor Plexon Inc. at, and they'll respond promptly.

If you are interested in custom samples of N-Forms, please e-mail our global distributor Plexon Inc. at